Where do I live?

For most people this is a rather simple question in which they could simply post an address and be done with it. I suppose I could do the same but I doubt it'll help.

東広島市鏡山広島大学池の上学生宿舎 and also 広島県福山市南今ず町

The next problem (as you may have noticed) is that I basically have two houses. Monday night through Thursday night I sleep at the first address which is in East Hiroshima (東広島), in the city of Saijo. However Friday night through Sunday night I sleep with my wife in Fukuyama city, the second address. Now that's not too complicated yet, so let me go ahead and throw in the next complicating factor. Both locations are in Hiroshima. "Wait a sec, a city in a city?" No, which is the problem, I live in Hiroshima prefecture not downtown in the city. Generally when you mention you live in Hiroshima people instantly assume the city because they often aren't aware that a Hiroshima prefecture exists. Actually I couldn't live any further from the city and still live in the same prefecture.

To help put this into perspective the train runs at roughly 100 km/hr (67mph) and it takes an hour to get to Saijo from Matsunaga which is the station closest to my wife's apartment. To really show the craziness about all this, check this out. Matsunaga city hall is about 10 minutes from Matsunaga station and its in the town of Matsunaga naturally. Our apartment is a 20 minute walk from Matsunaga station but we technically live in Fukuyama city despite the fact that its a 30 minute drive to get to Fukuyama station.

In the above map there is a red dot on the right hand side which shows where Mastunaga (and our apartment) is located, right next to Onomichi. The dark blue circle is roughly where Hiroshima University is located. To the left of the university is downtown. To help put some distances in perspective, it roughly takes an hour to drive from Matsunaga to Hiroshima city using the highway which is close to 120 km/hr. It takes an hour by train from Matsunaga to the university in Saijo, and roughly 25 min by train to get to downtown from the university area.

Well now hopefully it is easier to understand where it is exactly that I am living.

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