Creating beautiful or mind boggling images is one hobby of mine, but capturing the same type of images with a camera is another. I look forward to being able to purchase a professional quality video camera but for the time being I suppose I will have to stick to still frames. In any case below are some of the images I have taken over the recent years while I have been living in Japan. The majority of the images have been selected due to their aesthetic beauty but some are here because they've captured a story worth telling.

Alright the first video is a classic and many peoples' favorite. It is the one and only Lion vs. Raptor. A while back I had a five minute version loaded on this site because the original ten minute version got all screwed up by Apple's shitass quicktime. I fucking hate quicktime! Futhermore double-shitass Ulead 11.0 tried to fuck me too, but since I won't have any of their bullshit either I was able to get the ten minute version restored and uploaded to youtube. Thanks to my determination in not getting fucked by Apple's garbage combined with Ulead's manure software, the original Lion vs. Raptor video is available for viewing. The moral of the story is, fuck Apple & Corel! More about how shitty they in the future. However for now enjoy the show.

Bad news! Ulead and fuckass quicktime continue to fuck me un-relentlessly. The ten minute got fucked again. For some reason after 5 minutes of playing the audio would stop working on the ten minute version. Fuck I hate Ulead they're software is such ASS! Anyway enjoy the five minute version until I can get the ten minute one fixed again. Dammit I hate Ulead!

This is currently the only video worth being on the webpage, when I make more I will add them. However you can see some of the other miscellaneous works I've done at my youtube site -

May 25th, 10:
Travian Vis
Vis is better than
the game.
December 15th, 09:
Mario AI
One agile plumber
November 30th, 09:
and this years
winner of
SIAJAWWTA Pie Competition

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