November 15 - 17th, 2008

During this weekend Tomoko and I returned back to her parents house on Saturday and picked up a few things (futons) for the upcoming Thanksgiving festivities. We spoke with our good friends who own the Little Wing coffee shop and we've decided to conduct the Thanksgiving madness there. Thanksgiving started out as six people, Tomoko and I with four guests. Then I asked her to make it eight and she agreed. Shortly after one of Tomoko's best friends Akemi heard about the craziness that was going to ensue and informed Tomoko that she'd be there. Since Akemi is awesome and the life of any party, how could we refuse; thus the party became nine. However anytime a group of nine people all end up in one place, someone ends up having to carry a ring all across the fucking planet to throw it in the fire of mount doom in Mordor so when I asked Tomoko to make it ten she didn't argue - especially since she didn't want to be the one to carry the damn ring. So in the end our party stands at ten, which is more than enough.

The problem with a Thanksgiving event of ten people in our apartment is that we only have one table and six chairs. In the past we've borrowed additional chairs and we were able to squeeze in eight, but to do ten we need an additional table. At first we had made a request to Little Wing-tachi and they agreed to bring a table which would have worked well, but just doing Thanksgiving at Little Wing works even better because now I don't have to carry a table up three flights of stairs, yay for me!

Anyway long story short we will be preparing Thanksgiving dinner at the house and then moving all our deliciousness over to Little Wing where the madness will ensue. Shortly afterwards some, who live in and around the Matsunaga area (see where I live) will go home, and the rest will return to our apartment to sleep. Thus this past weekend we needed to go back to Tomoko's parents' house to pick up some extra futons so that people (seven will be staying) have a place to sleep that isn't just coldhardwood floor.

While back at her parents' place it was a double score day because not only did we score two completely comfortable futons for our guests, we also just happen to have come back during persimmon and mikan season. This meaning of course that I got to spend the day picking (and eating!) thousands of mikans and persimmons, which of course if you know my love of all things fruit, spectacular. Below you can see a couple of photos I took from the weekend. The Cat's name is Tora (tiger in Japanese) and is just seven months old, and it's the love of Tomoko's life.

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