I just wanted to share some pictures I took while in Saijo. Saijo is where the University of Hiroshima is located and below are some of the pictures I have taken there over the previous years.

1 - Planes in a field right after sunrises
2 - Flower bed right outside the main Library
3 - A quiet lake in Saijo
4 - From a mountain side overlooking the town of Saijo (right after sunrise)
5 - Plane, different angle. (taken with a Canon Powershot 75, camera is from '04, still great photos)
6,7,8 - Sunrise in Saijo
9, 10 - Sunset in Saijo
11 - Again Powershot 75, Sunset in Saijo
11 - Slanted Stair case
12 - A Lantern at a small secluded temple in Saijo.

May 25th, 10:
Travian Vis
Vis is better than
the game.
December 15th, 09:
Mario AI
One agile plumber
November 30th, 09:
and this years
winner of
SIAJAWWTA Pie Competition

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