My Big Fat Dog - 私の太大犬

My Big Fat Dog is an up and coming web comic about the adventures of the twelve year old genius Mike Rodriguez as he moves from his home town in North Carolina to a far away city. He isn't alone though thankfully his friend and secret admirer Yuko is going with. Mike does his best to study the native language and do well in school but his real goal is to bring down capitalism as he finds it a silly and corrupt system. However with his "mission" yet to be completed he must still pay his bills and put food in his stomach. Thankfully Dog is a successful business man, but is he too successful? Will Mike's success mean the demise of his "best friend". Find out in My Big Fat Dog.

May 25th, 10:
Travian Vis
Vis is better than
the game.
December 15th, 09:
Mario AI
One agile plumber
November 30th, 09:
and this years
winner of
SIAJAWWTA Pie Competition

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