Name: M. W. Johnson

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Professional Experience:
Saijo Hiroshima, Japan
March '09
  • Translated significant parts of the game from Japanese into English.
  • Debugged Acrobatic Hero for sales on iPhone.
Hiroshima Board of Education
Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan
March '06
March '07
  • Computerized a written test saving hours of data entry time.
  • Often volunteered after hours to assist students and help reduce teacher work load.
  • Served as a volunteer training coach for the women's basketball team.
Margaret's Institute of Language(MIL)
Narashino Chiba , Japan
September '05
March '06
  • Volunteered to create a more pleasing, organized and effective company web page.
  • Created original art and contributed it to the web page to improve the aesthetics of the site.
Ryan Haru Filmen Productions
Charlotte, N.C.
June '03
September '05
  • Managed the production of a feature length film employing over 40 people over 15 months.
  • Participated at every level of video production on numerous small projects for our customers.
  • Co-founded the company and successfully produced top quality products for our customers.

Academic History:

Masters of Information Engineering
April 2007
April 2009
University of Hiroshima
Higashi Hiroshima, Japan
Research: Computer Graphics

Won the Excellent Presenter Award from The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan in 2008 (IEEJ)
*awarded to 3 out of roughly 500 participating students.
Relevant Course Work:

Adv. Information & Media Processing Venture Business Promotion
Adv. Scientific Visualization Methodologies Advanced Applied Graphics
Computer Graphics (Tokyo University) CG/CV/Theme Seminar


Bachelor of Arts Computer Science
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Charlotte, N.C.
Senior Project: Methods to Create Effective Educational Software
Extra Curriculuar: Vice President of Japan Club

Relevant Course Work:

Virtual Environments Computer Graphics
Image Processing Game Programming
Image Synthesis Technology Small Group Communication
Software Engineering Technical Writing


Bilingual (Japanese) Bryce 3D 3D Studio Max
C\C++\C# XNA OpenGL
Photo Shop / Gimp PHP/html/Web Design Dreamweaver


Cycling (Ken's Team)
Graphics programming
Culinary Arts

May 25th, 10:
Travian Vis
Vis is better than
the game.
December 15th, 09:
Mario AI
One agile plumber
November 30th, 09:
and this years
winner of
SIAJAWWTA Pie Competition

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