Much like the acclaimed Firefox, is also one of the best things that has ever happened to the Internet and the world in general. Basically this incredible awesome website that everyone should be checking out regularly is the annual TED conference. You might be wondering, "what the hell is a TED conference?" Fair enough. The TED conference is basically an event which brings together all the most amazing people in the world who are doing pretty amazing things or have had extrodinary experiences. In a nutshell its what television should have been and isn't. The TED conference gathers those people and gives them 20 minutes to make their peace, then (and how nice is this) they record the event and post the video to their webpage so the rest of us who can't afford the $6,000 entry fee can also get enlightened/educated/entertained by the speakers. I've seen nearly all of the TED videos available (atleast 90%) and I have yet to find one that wasn't thought inspiring. Fittingly the backbone theme of TED is Ideas Worth Spreading.

The angry video game nerd is as classic as the games that he reviews. This guy is awesome. Basically he's just a normal guy with perhaps too much time on his hands but puts that extra time to good use and thus creates The Angry Video Game Nerd videos. He has a bunch of video game stuff from way back in the 80's and he finds the shittiest of the shit and reviews it holding it up to the standards of the time it was created. All of his videos are great and I've yet to watch one that didn't have me laughing my ass off. The rude attitude of the character in his skits goes along perfect when you remember how frustrating some of those old video games were. If you haven't checked out AVGN then...well you probably shouldn't be allowed to use the internet.

Megatokyo is a classic and I have to post it up here. The site is mainly the host of the web comic naturally named, "Megatokyo". The comic is about two friends who go to Tokyo to visit a video game conference (E3 if I'm not mistaken) and get stuck in Japan. The comic has over 1000 episodes now and has been going on for a few years now (possibly from as far back as 2000). The most interesting aspect is the author of the comic, he used to work as an architect and did the comic on the side to improve his drawing ability. As the comic grew in popularity he quit his job and now develops his comic full time, pretty interesting. If you're a fan of manga, video games, or Japan you're certain to get a kick out of Megatokyo.

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Travian Vis
Vis is better than
the game.
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Mario AI
One agile plumber
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