IE Users You're Embarassing Yourselves...Firefox Can Help!

Alright here's the deal, right now your screen looks something like this. You likely noticed it looks like shit and well if it were any other problem I could forgive you but this is just ridiculous. The reason it looks like shit, is well basically because you're embarassing the web community and are still using Internet Explorer which is a mind boggling concept to everyone (but you apparently). The fact that you've survived this long on the net and in the world in general is beyond me (and everyone else I'm sure) but atleast you were lucky enough to visit this site thus allowing yourself a chance to redeem yourself and what little reputation you may have left.

Alright so now that we know the problem, what is the solution? Well lucky for you its real simple, you need to go here and download a program called Firefox. Firefox is a web browser just like shitass IE except for where everytime IE did something wrong (which is often) Firefox did it right. There is another added bonus to Firefox, it's free. In other words Firefox is basically the best thing that has ever happened to the internet since broadband and you should be ashamed of yourself for not having already heard of it. Once you get Firefox Imagine.kicbak as well as other sites will be displayed properly, like this.

One final note, if after you've read this and you're still not using Firefox do society a favor and hurl yourself from a cliff. You've been a disgrace to your friends and family long enough download Firefox, install it, use it and enjoy the interent as it was meant to be. By the way since you didn't know about Firefox I should go ahead and let you know of something else about the net that you've also probably never heard of. There is a great site for doing online searches, its called Google, check it out.

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