Tavelling isn't a Hobby

A lot of people say they like to travel but I'm not one of them, I like seeing new places, trying new food, meeting new people, but I hate travelling. Some people claim travelling as one of their hobbies but I call bullshit. What people really mean is, "I like vacation." And shit, who doesn't?! Vacation is awesome. It generally comprises of go to location X with friends Y and Z and possibly family members A and B, sit around do nothing, drink alcohol pretty much consistently and eat delicious food, which you likely didn't prepare and don't have to clean up afterwards. That's awesome, it's basically heaven, of course everybody likes it. Then to top it all off it usually lasts a week or so, so you visit fun entertaining places and you've got ample amounts of free time to relax.

Travelling on the other hand is an awful experience and likely some of the worst in your lifetime. I remember as a kid we used to drive from Illinios to New York, it sucked, hard. That shit took like 25 hours and the entire time we're all bored out of our minds. Dying in a fiery crash in the middle of an 80 car pile up would have been a more pleasant experience. It would take us two damn days to get there, driving all day long each day. What the hell, that's gotta be the absolutely worst way to spend a weekend. Who in the hell would ever want to do that in their free time, because that's travelling.

Maybe though you aren't going by car you say... Maybe you've saved up a bit of cash and you're going somewhere cool by plane. Fair enough, except for the fact it still blows! In the history of the world has anyone ever been relaxed flying somewhere? No! The shittiness of travelling is only amplified when considering air travel: all the lines, checking bags, security checks, etc. It's dreadful. If your hobby is travelling you mind as well just say you enjoy standing in queues. Everyone is always stressed out about not missing the flight because the tickets were a few hundred dollars a piece. Then you're freaking out about passports, international driver's licencse, whose going to take you to the airport, whose going to pick you up, what time, where? And that's only the actual travel day, don't even get me started on preperation, buying tickets, whose going to take the kids, the dog, feed the fish, packing, ...Packing! Do I need this, do I need that, where's the camera, did my wife pack A, B and/or C. Damn man travelling is horrendus, it's an awful experience. The only thing worse would be to die while travelling because it would be on your way to vacation, the end of your life would be all the stress and preperation but none of the fun.

So the next time someone says they like to travel you tell them, bullshit, because it is bullshit. They may like vacation, meeting new people or trying new foods but I promise you, they don't like travelling because travelling blows and nobody enjoys that crap. Lastly if your hobby is travelling, I say you're hobby is bullshit. What you mean to say is that your hobby is vacation and who the fuck doesn't like vacation?! It's sitting on your arse, shooting the shit with friends, and the sole reason everyone on the planet works 50 of the 52 weeks of the year. All for that one week of vacation where they do nothing and hang out with friends, which isn't a hobby at all, it's what everyone wants to do.

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