The trip to Bali and/or possibly the affects of receiving an incredibly awesome new camera made me realize how many beautiful things lie just around the corner of our very own homes. So after getting back from Bali and having this awesome new toy to play with I headed out and tried to capture the beauty of the town of Onomichi which is litterally just around the corner. It was a gorgeous day and I think I got great results.

1,2 - Temple in Onomichi
3 - Flower
4 - Me at one of the temples.
5,6 - Super narrow alley ways
7 - A view of the town from Senkoji (Mountain name)
8 - A beautiful house in the town.
9 - Pagota
10 - Random Scooter
11 - Slanted Stair case
12, 13, 14, 15 - One of the more popular/famous temples.
16 - Gate to a temple.

I spent the afternoon meandering about the beautiful town throughout its many temples and took 600+ photos, the best ones are above. The new camera is awesome and the photos I think do a pretty good job at showing why. For anyone who is a fan of photography I just have one more image to show off and it is by far my most favorite and likely the favorite of any camera otaku (camera geeks) out there.

The image was taken in Bali Indonesia using my old Canon (a Powershot A75). The beautiful woman is holding not just any camera, but my very own Canon Digital Kiss X2, which I named DK2. My loving wife bought for me just before we left for Bali - literally the night before. That baby has a glorious 12.2 mega pixels, it shoots 3.5 frames per second, has 9 points of auto focus, live view, image stabilization, a 3.0" LCD screen, 0.1 sec. start up, and an EF-S 18-55mm lens, the aboslute ultimate badass in digital photography, dammit that thing is awesome!

Note: The image above is proof yet again that I won at life. Man is she awesome!

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