Ken's Team is the name of the cycling team that I ride for. Every year we have numerous different events and naturally I always take a camera.

1-5 - Tomoko and I joined to a cycle the island event. In the Japan Inner sea (south of Hiroshima) there are a bunch of Islands. The weekend before the wedding Tomoko and I joined this event. It was extra great because we slept in an old building that was built over 100 years ago and was an elementary school at that time. Since then it had been converted to a type of Bed and breakfast.
6,7 - Komori-kun is a 24 year old cyclist who used to ride for Ken's team, since then he became a professional and lives in France. Occassionally he makes it back to Japan to ride with us. Man is he ever fast! In the 7th image he was asked for an autograph at the fall race at Nakayama.
8,9 - Training Camp, every year we have a 2 day training camp up in the mountains, its a great event but very tiring, we generally do two 150km days, in the mountains.
10 & 14- Pictures from the Fall Nakayama 08 event. A five hour endurance race. Make a team, you can change riders whenever you'd like but get around the track as many times as possible before time runs out. I've joined this event numerous times, they've got three of them a year. Sometimes I win, sometimes I don't. This year my team came in 7th, but Ken's team had quite a few winning teams this year. With 20 members attending the event we can make quite a few 4 person teams.
11 - Tomoko signs up to join Ken's Team.
12 - One day while riding out in the mountains with Shibuya-san we came across a landslide, pretty crazy. Quality is low because it was taken with a cellphone - I don't generally cycle with expensive camera gear and tripods.
13 - One of the girls in this image is moving to New Zealand and so there was a going away party for her.


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Vis is better than
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One agile plumber
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