The pictures below are some random images from my life in Japan.

1 - Tomoko and I attend a cooking class each month and this picture was taken near the end of one of the courses.
2 - The five arch bridge at Iwakuni, I visited there on my way to give a presentation at a nearby University.
3 - I really like this image, it was taken at Little Wing, a coffee shop that Tomoko and I visit every week.
4 - The inside of Little Wing with Tomoko sitting at the counter with Master.
5 - Little Wing Coffee
6 - Master, the owner of Little Wing. No one knows his name, everyone calls him Master.
7 - Mayo, Master's wife. These two are great friends, we regularly do Jam sessions together and have dinner together.
8 - Tottori Sand Dune.
9 - Shyukeien, translated as Minature Garden, located in Hiroshima City.
10 - Mushrooms at Taishyakyukyou, a national park (somewhat) near us. (2 hr drive)
11 - Taishyakyukyou
12 - Tomoko, from when we went on a Sea kayaking trip a month before the wedding.
13 - A famous building in Yokohama (I forget the name), but this image was taken with my cellphone camera and my phone is old as hell but the image isn't half bad.


May 25th, 10:
Travian Vis
Vis is better than
the game.
December 15th, 09:
Mario AI
One agile plumber
November 30th, 09:
and this years
winner of
SIAJAWWTA Pie Competition

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