Bali was pretty damn cool and over the course of six days with a brand new camera, Tomoko and I managed to take over 1000 photos. I've narrowed the list down to the gallery below which I feel are the best images we captured.

1 - Tomoko and I at cooking class, with the feast on the table.
2 - The dessert we made, crepes with coconut inside.
3-7 - Sunset at Bali, taken from Sunset Bar at our hotel.
8 - A bridge in our hotel.
9-10 - Tomoko and I did rock climbing, a really nice guy managed the wall.
11 - A cow.
12 - One of the many beautiful flowers in Bali.
13 - Jering, the most genuine person in all of Bali.
14 - Rice Terrace, a bit North of our hotel.
15 - Giant statue in a round about.
16 - Me at Sunset Bar.
17 - Surfers in the massive waves.
18 - The one temple we saw in Bali.
19-22 - Tomoko in various places around the hotel.


A great trip, beautiful scenery, wonderful company and a brand new camera to play with, what more could I ask for. Check out my full report on Bali in the Articles section.

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Travian Vis
Vis is better than
the game.
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Mario AI
One agile plumber
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and this years
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