This tool is best viewed using Mozilla's Firefox.
X-Coordinate: Y-Coordinate: Travel Speed: Time (min) :
To use this tool enter in an X and Y coordinate for your city. Then click the "Set Data" button. Then refresh your browser (Firefox).
Travel speed is the unit's velocity (fields per hour), Theutates Thunder have 38.
Time in minutes, determines the range of players to display, entering 60 will show every city within 1 hour's travel distance to you.

* Your own villages appear in purple.
* Members of your own alliance have black borders with population based fill-color.
* The population bar shows you the population around you. Including your own population,
which corresponds to the yellow region on the population bar.
* Hovering your mouse over a city will display the city's name and population. By clicking
you will be linked to the"your send troops" page. Enabling easy access
for killing potential nearby targets.